Long-Term Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Want your puppy to be happy for life in a high-rise? Welcome to the “Sydney Dog Training” – Well known for producing high-energy, fairly calm, polite pets, possessing all life-long skills! Offering best dog-owing solutions! Redirecting mood issues! Taming behaviours! Giving a boost to the owner-pet relationship!

Mastering Moving Commands:

Teaching in verbal and nonverbal ways! Instilling the art of walking away, follow-me, sit-down or stand-up and MORE Commands! Playing focus games! Bringing into pay the watch-me exercises.

High-spirited Grooming:

Do you want the playful pups? Our experts teach them games. Making them learn plays, fetch, tag and more. Offering behavioural counselling, using advanced methods and producing real outcomes! Gentle friendly genial staff! Progressive, professional! Lifetime preparation, life-long skills! Incomparable companionship! Laying strong behavioural foundation! Adopting the well planned Puppy Training strategies.


Is your puppy hard to handle? We’ll make him master all essential skills. Teaching him to be incredibly smart! Making him obedient! Familiarizing him with a variety of places, things and people! Giving him positive experiences!


We’re raising the independent, aloof breeds into loving caring pets! Showering the whole family with affection! Bonding easily with your family! Suiting well to the apartment living. Showing friendliness! Possessing the best search-find abilities! Possessing all the traits! No whining, on mayhem, no chaos. We give him daily living experience with your family. Applying best Dog Boarding techniques!


Supervising all breeds how to safely use the sharp pointy teeth, strong jaws. No fear of biting your young kids. Surely getting along well with your kids! Creating free-spirited pets! Using amazing tips and trick, catching their interest! Grounding the positivity and reliability in him!

Specialized Staff:

Looking for professionals? Our staff trains the puppies as well as the owner. Skilful experts offering you the best tricks on how to puppy-proof your house! Regulating the bathing, cleaning, clipping, and overall grooming! Increasing the energy level! Managing the activity level – jumping, playing, and exercising! Investigating and analysing their behaviours! We take care of their mental stimulation. Undergoing daily, vigorous exercise!  No low-vigour puppies. Skilful Puppy Training! We know how to boost their energy. Changing their habits what you don’t like, e.g. chewing, digging, and barking. Taking care of their exercise needs, such as hunting or herding! Restricting them from gaining weight! Boosting affection level! Working on their intelligence! Raising awareness, concentration and mind level! Flexible, on time experts making your pet calm, reactive, friendly! Humble and highly tolerant staff at your disposal!

Service Dogs:

We offer specialized service. Protecting the hearty appetites from gaining unnecessary weights! Giving him enough exercise. Measuring out his daily kibble! Making him tolerant, resilient and less noisy and chaotic! Well focused, and responsive. Well-regulated and systemized way of teaching! Setting the routine! Thoroughly analyzing and reviewing the all over basic dog training. Commanding in a professional way! Making you both, the owner and pet, feel positive energy. Offering a Stress-free environment! Facilitating easy learning with a great sense of humour!

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