Dog Boarding Kennels Sydney, NSW

Heading out on a trip? Don’t have room for your canine partner? No worries for him as well as for you. Through Dog boarding Sydney kennel, feel free to board your dog for its precise care and grooming. Just like you enjoy your holiday away, they’ll be getting a lavish holiday with us. The state-of-the-art facility pampers your loving pet with affection and admiration. We cater them like kids in daycare; Socialize them & by keeping them active while you are away.

Dog Boarding facilities

To assure high health standards in our kennels, all dogs require a recent C5 vaccination certificate prior to entering Dog Boarding Sydney. It is requested to the owners to bring along the vaccination slip on arrival. As it safeguards the health rights of the other animals staying with us.

We ensure our kennels are clean and Hygienic, we clean the kennels twice a day and have an in-house vet 24/7, to handle any emergency relating to the facilitated animals. Moreover, we are located in the heart of Sydney, which provides convenience to everyone in need.

We also provide a Pick-Up & Delivery service for your convenience in order for you to bring your pets to the boarding Kennels at Sydney Dog Training Centre. Note All Dogs must be completely vaccinated and Certificates must be marked and signed by your vets before entering our boarding dog training facility.

Dog Boarding Kennels Sydney, NSW
Dog Boarding Kennels Sydney, NSW

What do we have here for Dogs

Sydney Dog Training Centre offers Dog Boarding Services for your puppy or adult dogs training needs or caring while you are in need. We also have Kennels for when you are away on Holidays and Short term vacations. We keep your pets entertained with exciting activities. Your dog will be involved in a range of events which takes place every day at our facility. Playing around other dogs will certainly make your doggie feel natural and excited. With affection and attentive exposure from our qualified attendants for their well-being.

Our Dog Boarding Sydney Kennels are completely Licensed, secure and clean with lots of space for your pet dogs to play and rest. We have encouraging and patient staff. The equipment and the feedings we provide are all standardized, in order to exhibit an effective learning atmosphere. With fences around the training centre and video surveillance to monitor free play time and exercises, your dog won’t be out of sight, not even for a split second.

While your Dog is staying here in our dog boarding, we provide everything that your dog needs i.e. Exercise, Swimming session, massage therapy, and Grooming. With specific toys and gears, we try to exhaust the brains for all those extra intelligent doggies. You’ll notice a radical freshness and behavioural difference before and after this session.

Is it time to treat your dog to luxury dog boarding?

Here at Sydney Dog Training Centre we take great pride and care in our work. We know that dogs are valued members of our families too and treat them as such. Our dedicated team of professionals have so much experience providing the very highest-quality NSW dog boarding, that we are certain your dog will have the time of their life with us.

Our dog boarding kennels in Sydney will provide your dog with everything they need. All you have to do is say the word and the pampering can begin. We carefully consider and cater for every element of our clients’ comfort, both canine and human!

The best dog boarding in NSW

If you’re looking for highly reputable luxury dog boarding in Sydney, then we are happy to say that you’ve come to the right place. Quite simply, we strive every day to provide the best dog boarding kennels in Sydney. At Sydney Dog Training Centre, we know it’s so important to feel that you can put your complete trust in the people who will take care of your beloved doggies while you’re away. Our amazing track record in providing the best dog boarding in NSW lets you have total peace of mind and relax, safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are being taken care of as if they were our own. The experience will be an effortless, stress-free one for you, and a very pleasurable one for your pooch.

Why not combine your dog’s time in boarding kennels in Sydney with some training?

If you’re considering taking advantage of our incredible dog boarding services, why not treat yourself and your doggie to the best dog training in Sydney at the same time? If you’re having to take some time away from your canine partner, then what better opportunity to keep them occupied with a training program. Not only will they thoroughly enjoy the experience, but you’ll notice the positive difference it makes. Want to make the most of their time dog boarding in NSW? You have our guarantee that you will not find a better, more professional place to do so.

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