Cat Boarding Packages NSW

Holiday Surcharge 20% is in effect for the holiday period from 12/16/2023 to 01/31/2024.
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1: Cat Boarding

20% holidays start Friday 17th December – Monday 31st January 2022.

Cat Boarding all year round book your cat in today

2: Pet Catching Service

Pet /Dog /Cat/Bird/Cow/Horse.This is a service we provide to pet onwers that their pets dog,cat,bird have ran away and have been located for example stuck up a tree or in a drainage or any hard to reach places. There is a $200 call out fee paid up front then if and when the pet is court the remaining of $350 will be colletted payed by the onwer or whom ever called us out.


    Note:Please call us to confirm your appointment/booking.