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Guard Dog Training Available

We offer special training programs for guard dogs.

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Dog Boarding Kennels

Board your pets with us today and enjoy a peaceful holiday your pet will love it.

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Cat Boarding Available

We also have a cattery for when you're on holiday!

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Obedience Dog Training Specialist

The first step to a well-behaved dog is obedience training. We cater for all breeds of dogs.

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Parrot minding when your away on holidays

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We Train all breeds of dogs

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Sydney’s Best Dog Training and Pets Boarding Centre

We are one of the leading dog training and boarding, cat boarding, Parrot boarding puppy school and pets training centre in Sydney region

Welcome to the heart of all your dog training solutions. Sydney Dog Training Centre is a small family registered business that specialise in dog training Obedience,Tv tricks, Guard and family protection training, Correcting behaviour problems, dog boarding, Cat boarding, puppy sales, Trained dogs for sale and lots more. We achieving amazing results with all breeds of dog to any level you desire. We will teach your dog then we take the time to teach you and your family members on how to control and manage your pet behavior. Our professional dog training specialists and staff will provide you with amazing results for even the most difficult and stubborn breeds. There has never been a dog which we have not been able to make significant improvement upon. For over 30 years we have been delivering top quality dog training programs which are tailored to suit your dogs temperament and level of your dogs intelligence.

Dog Training

Obedience dog training is challenging and rewarding in equal measures. We understand how a well-trained dog can impact your security detail and make you feel much safer in your home, car office and where ever you choose to take them. Our trainers are able to design the entire training process according to the size, breed,and age of your dog. While most trainers agree that a four-month-old puppy makes an ideal guard dog candidate, our Sydney dog training center is prepared to train mature dogs as well. We offer in-house and on location training that is based on a three-step procedure. The procedure is dependent on the level of draining your guard dog needs.

Puppy School

Enrolling your puppy in puppy school is like leaving your child at daycare for the first time. However, we are here to assure you that your fluffy friend is getting its paws into the best training school in Sydney. We have experts who work at the learning pace of your puppy and begin with obedience training which then gradually leads to socialization. At our puppy school Sydney,we also focus on the puppy and puppy-parent relationship. You will also receive expert advice on how to connect with your pet and what works when raising a puppy.

Dog For Sale

Dogs are simply wonderful creatures. All breeds, sizes, temperaments,and levels of shedding are adorable, but not every dog is for every dog owner. This is why our dogs for sale program is designed to deliver dogs who need loving homes and will be best suited for our lifestyle, living space, size of your apartment and the grooming you can afford. At our Sydney dog training center,we have trained dogs, puppies, dogs of different breeds and a complete guide for you to deal with an older pet.You are welcome to visit us and meet our wonderful dogs before you bring your best friend home.

Pet Grooming

There isn’t enough emphasis to put on the fact that your dog needs grooming. It is beneficial for their mental and physical health, not to mention the increase in adorability. At our dog training center,you will find dedicated experts who pamper your pet to perfection. Whether your pet is in our dog boarding program or just a visitor; it will receive the grooming session it needs. Also, we come to your home and make a mini spa for your pet to enjoy a shampoo session, nail clipping, a flea rinse, a haircut or trim, and a thorough ear cleaning. We love a clean, happy and well-pampered dog.

Pet Surrendering

It is alright to surrender a pet. Given, that you find a place that does not believe in euthanizing and offers a loving and safe environment for your friend along with a program that finds them suitable homes. At our Sydney dog training center,we take in dogs, cats, parrots or chickens,Ponys.Whose owners are in the difficult situation of leaving their pets. We assure you that your pet will be treated with affection and respect while they are with us and we will find them homes. However, your pet will undergo a veterinary checkup and be taken in only on appointment bases. We are happy to help your furry buddy add to the lives of their new owners.

Our Services & Procedures


Dog Obedience

We train your dog to comprehend general sign and commands and to obey them while … Continue reading Dog Obedience

Guard Dog Training

For all those eligible dog breeds, we provide guard dog training to grasp protective abilities … Continue reading Guard Dog Training

Puppy School

In puppy school, we study young puppies’ psychology and ways for their better socialization with … Continue reading Puppy School

Home Lessons

Worried to leave your pet for boarding? For your convenience, we come to your place … Continue reading Home Lessons

Agility For Dogs

Our Agility training is best for enhancing your dogs’ confidence to move through natural obstacles … Continue reading Agility For Dogs

Pet Boarding

Need a secure boarding facility for your pet? We provide top class boarding assistance to … Continue reading Pet Boarding

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