Certified Pet Boarding Center near You

Are you a Dog Person? Welcome to the “Sydney Dog Training” – certified for training your pet at pocket-friendly prices. Buy all special breeds. Certified sellers! Expert groomers!

Get your hands on a well-groomed pup, NOW! Create a powerful bond! Enjoy the natural affinity, happy barks, and faithful joyful laughs! Get a loving company. Jovial, genial, good-humored and all great qualities you admire.

All Species:

All breeds available – hairy, non-hairy, big, small, kids-friendly, family-friendly and lots of other types! Use them for multi purposes – for instance, guard ship, police service, military support and MORE. Detective dogs, detecting cancer and allergy! Sniffers, identifying blood, currency, illegal drugs, dead or living people!

Quality Care Center:

Controlling diet, weight gain, behaviours, moods and anger! Full-time support! Five-star pet groomer at our puppy training center! Cooling down your pup. Handling with a much-deserved pampering! Soothing spa treatments! Safe, secure, certified boarding center! Cage-free daycare centre! Police checked. All credential cleared. Pocket-friendly pricing! No hidden fees.

Personalized Approach:

Looking for specialized pet-taming services? Join us; we induce flexibility, creativity, confidence, patience, and a sense of humour! One-on-one attention! Laying a strong foundation! Bruising up life -long skills!

Taming behaviours! Domesticating habits! Inducing positive, energy, potency, liveliness and vigour! Get loving, loyal guardian ones, now.

Breeds Varieties:

Looking for a variety? We offer Labrador retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Rottweiler and MORE. Lively, full of vitality! All available at pocket-friendly prices! Get your hands-on playful, joyful faithful dogs. Enjoy the stress-relieving company. Feel calmer, and happier. Ease you loneliness, improve blood pressure level by spending time with our well-groomed cats and parrots. Our Cat Boarding service produce well tamed controlled behaviours, giving you a sense of your meaningful existence. Helping you improve mental illness.

Boarding pets:

Send out your cats, parrot, and puppies. The comfy experience is what we have to offer your pet. Home-like atmosphere! A healthy diet, professional groomers, special chambers, cozy beds, and much more! Special care, all time attention, constant grooming, a perpetual practice. Responsible, trustworthy, educated experts. Genuine caring professionals! Empathic, kind, and caring. Offering a real home-like warmth and comfort! Safety and security are paramount. Our Cat Boarding service offer clean water, tasty food, and cozy bed in the sunshine. Professional are keen to tame the challenging species, control their anger, understand their psychology and intellect. Building the never-ending pet-owner bonding is our ultimate aim.

Why choose “Sydney Dog Center”?

  • Certified – police approved
  • Guaranteed – 100 % satisfaction
  • Trusted – reliable service
  • Secure – safety assured
  • Customer care – responsive
  • Round-the-clock – 24 hours service
  • Expert advice – professionals available, addressing all related queries
  • Experienced – years of experience in the field
  • On-time – no delay, no waiting around

FREE Consultation:

Want advice? Drop us a line, info@sydneydogtraining.com.au.  Want to talk to a pet-professional? Call us, now at 02 9606 2005, and get our Puppy Training service. Want to send out your hearty pet to us? Come right here, 6 Philip Road – Leppington NSW 2179 – Australia

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