Pet Food NSW

A healthy and nutritious diet is the best treat provided to the pet to grow well. The contrasting names have their own set of ingredients to meet the different growth and breeding stages. Animals aboard with Dog Training Sydney are served with the premium pet foods during their stays. Our pet food is Fortified with a comprehensive range of essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, it contains none of any artificial coloring or flavoring to ensure a healthier life.

Pet food

We are fully aware of treating animals with optimum care and respect. Therefore, the Sydney Dog training Centre employs studied and efficient ways to deliver our services. Despite all the other queries, we have overcome this raw and treated pet confusions and concluded that pet foods are the best way to retain a healthy pet. The raw food is not as destructive as it has been portrayed, but it may result in health compromises.

The practice of feeding raw diets has raised concerns due to the risk of foodborne illnesses, zoonosis, and nutritional imbalances. People have consistently fed their pooches with raw food for multiple reasons, including stereotypical cultures, beliefs for superior health and nutrition. These specific people have perceived raw food to be more natural for their pets. We, however, have emerged from this typical stereotype and suggest using treated pet food. It’s just the alternative and with better reassurances.

Pet Food NSW
Pet Food NSW

Specialty for our pet foodies

Most of the mass involved in the manufacture of pet food comes from the byproduct of the human food industry. For different kinds of animals, there are special associated food types. For birds, it mostly consists of seeds whereas, for cats and dogs, they are mostly enforced with non-human graded meat. The food we employ for boarded animals solely contains the treated and healthiest food without any raw ingredient involvement. However, hand prepared raw foods are sometimes given to them to retain their wildly carnivorous heritage.

Different stages in the growth of your pet demand different nutrition. Similarly, puberty and birth stages accompany same deems. Dog Training Sydney assuredly caters all aboard animals throughout these stages for their precise health management. We employ the two most availed pet foodies i.e. Lamb and rice (For All Stages and puppy) and Salmon & Potato (Younger or feeble canines). They are served to Puppy Lactating Bitches, Pregnant Bitches & All Active Breeds as well as for Juniors and Working Dogs with Sensitive Skin respectively.

The lamb & rice version of pet food is recommended for dogs ranging from 4 weeks of age and onwards, including essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to make sure your dog stays healthy and glossy. However, Salon & Potato type is enriched with Salmon, Sardines, vegetables, potato and cheese for all the breeds with sensitive skins and above the age of 6 months. The special employment guarantees its vital role in grooming a healthy pet under our boarding services.

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