Guard Dog Training Specialist NSW

Everyone wishes to have a macho canine around them. These dogs are specialized to depict strong and bold personalities and utilized mostly for protective purposes. If you have a Shepherd, Boxer or a Doberman as your pet, you must enroll it to learn our Guard Dog training. We make your Dog courageous and capable to trigger the beast resting within in order to secure you and your family from all troublesome situations.


Protection and Watch

Protection and Watch

We consider the safety of an individual, family, and property. In a society with increasing criminal intensity, a pet canine can be a great advantage. We in dog training Sydney, provide proficient guard dog training to eligible breeds. We assist to develop protective skills in them to exhibit a savage appeal much like a bodyguard. The best part for dogs is their unconditional loyalty to its owner, which turns out to be better than any bouncer.

The smaller breeds i.e. keeshond and Tibetan terrier can be trained to become efficient watchdogs for their aloud barking capabilities. Moreover, other guardian breeds can be taught to alert their master for any forthcoming animal, or human threat, prior to the interception of the intruder. Unfortunately, some breeds are just for their cute appeal and certainly ineffective in relating situations.

Guard Dog Training Specialist NSW
Guard Dog Training Specialist NSW

Guard Dog Training

At our Sydney dog training center, we work with a number of breeds that have the genetic predisposition required to meet the specifications of being a guard dog. We initiate the training by determining the capability of your dog to protect and defend you. This includes a thorough observation of your pet’s behaviour.

We guarantee a lifetime of protection and train your pet to be alert at all times. The time your dog will spend at our dog training center, however, depends on the level of training it requires.

The prices and techniques vary according to the level of training that your dog will receive. We have 3 primary levels of training for a guard dog, but the duration can also be customized if needed.

We use positive reinforcement to instill the required behavioral patterns in your get a sneak peek and be sure of your decision to train your dog at our center; you can call or visit us for a demo.

We guarantee that after appropriate training with us your dog will be ready to guard you properly. Our program includes:

  1. Test for temperament
  2. Alert-dog training to determine who is an intruder, stranger or to guard the yard
  3. Instinct tuning to use measures such as biting and attacking the threat
  4. Muzzle police training which includes protecting the whole family, the man stopping and bodyguard


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