Dog Training

Dog Obedience Training Specialist

Looking to tame your dog to show sophisticated behaviours? Want to impress your friends with your dog’s freestyle skills? With our Dog obedience courses, we can surely and effectively train your four-legged companion to obey your commands and signs. Moreover, we also develop behaviour training in your dogs to perform sensible acts even without your instructions. Join our 3 weeks most popular dog training program and get overwhelming results.

Levels of Obedience Training

Since some dogs require more time in our dog training Sydney program. We have designed several obedience programs that cater to the requirements of different breeds. Moreover, the time period can also be extended if the pet requires so. Each level of our training program takes into account the difference in behaviour and temperaments of your pet.

We offer over 4 levels of training programs that are designed to train each dog according to their specific traits and response to the pattern of our dog training Sydney course.

There are 4 basic levels of training distinguished by the timeline of each level.

  • 2 weeks on lead obedience training program
  • 3 weeks on lead obedience training program (1 most popular)
  • 4 weeks on lead obedience training program (2 most popular)
  • 8 weeks on and of lead obedience training program
  • 6 weeks needed we cater your pets program to your needs

You can also book our 5-week training program at our Sydney dog training centre or at your own location. This is a privatized program which includes sessions with owners. We also offer a refreshers course for dogs that have been trained at our facility previously. This course lasts a week and requires the pet to be with the same owner.

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