Parrot Boarding NSW

Want your bird to learn and grow wisely? Want them to bear playful behaviors? Sydney Dog Training Centre proudly accommodates and minds your flying companion. We understand the intelligent and cautious psychology of parrots and deliver the best taming services on board. The training involves behavior corrections for biting and screaming to induce sound husbandry behaviors. Boarding for a greater time period will let us harness amazing tricks exhibiting entertainment. They’ll surely be given a comfy and socializing atmosphere with us.

Our Facilitations

Before boarding our in-house vet will run a health checkup for your parrot to ensure its health throughout the boarding period. We have all the standard equipment for a sound stay of your beloved parrot. The 24/7 surveillance will allow us to keep an eye on them even when we are not around.

The cages and indoors are clean and hygienic, we clear them regularly to avoid any health hazards to rise within our facilities. Additionally, we have an existing vet to handle any unusual situation. Our parrot boarding is situated in the heart of Sydney to provide convenient visits to potential clients.

The services for parrots requires time and attention, therefore, any quick decision may destroy or limit the rhythm of learning. The set schemes for parrot brought up may seem time taking but they are promising to introduce good behavior in your pet we feed your parrots when boarding with us at sydney dog training centre  high quality sprouted seed fruit,Nuts, veggies, water

Parrot Boarding NSW
Parrot Boarding NSW

How we cater parrots

dog training Sydney exploits the most effective ways to tame pets. While parrots being a little conservative demand slow and consistent training. However, parrots can be taught different complicated tricks to depict playful and amusing actions. We socialize them to avoid aggressive behaviors. Our qualified staff has all the patience, time and commitment daily to foster your parrots’ deeds. We undermining their intelligence to teach them to target, retrieve, approach on command, opening wings, bowing, running and whistling. These sessions do not involve any kind of punishment for accurate and effective learning.

We generally imply positive reinforcement during our training to create a craving for attention within the bird. This desire will encourage them to please its owner. According to research, parrots bear intelligence of a 3-5 years old child. Therefore, they demand sufficient mental simulation to retain emotional health and friendly behavior. With our positive training, treats are rewarded to your parrot to teach them desired tricks. Employing the same technique will allow owners to reinforce their pet to teach anything within their capabilities.

Despite training, we give them time to play and rest as well. The extra-curricular activities for parrots include playing, bathing, and massage and socialization. Here in Sydney Dog Training Centre, we board and train all sorts of parrots.

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