Putting Your Pet under Specialized Supervision

Looking for a Pet Shelter House?

Join “Sydney Dog Training Center” service. Offering Dog Boarding, great care, nurturing environment, standardized grooming system. An Individualized care for your pet! Home-like doggy chambers! Fresh, and comforting!

Want to Train Your Puppy?

Professional pet-trainers at your disposal! Instilling effective pet obedience commands! Holding best treats, taking care of physical and psychological well-being! Maintaining nutritional requirements! Teaching special traits!

Special Diet:

Send out your puppy to us. Get specialized service. Care-free environment, special areas to play! Expert groomers! Treating them with special food. Making them learn commands – like yes, no, sit, stay, down, heal, leave it, wait, release, okay, bring, go, spin, roll over, find it, speak, catch, count, crawl and MORE. Offering special Puppy Training!

One-on-one Attention:

Want well-groomed pets? We train them through a series of step-by-step procedure. Making them obedient, friendly, and sharp! Building a strong pet-client relationship. Quality care available! Making them healthier and happier! Exceptionally comfortable environment to recharge and refresh! Taking into consideration the clean water, healthy treats, cozy bed, special care, and affection!

Diet Control:

We take special care of your pet’s diet, vitamins, proteins or calcium-rich nutrients. Offering them muscle meat, organ meat, vegetables, dairy, apples, raw eggs, and bones. Our staff makes sure your pet get enough calories. Offering them pure kibble diet throughout the dog boarding period!

Buy well-trained pets. We teach them basic etiquettes! Giving them potty training! Applying best plans and methods! Making them communicate clearly.

Individualized Approach:

We offer special care and attention, time, and perpetual practice. Using well-structured and planned techniques for specialized grooming! Quality life. Guaranteed results! Analysing your pet’s psychology, controlling behavior! Our experts available. Comforting, nurturing atmosphere! Certified pet-grooming centre! Reliable service. Highly rated by the clients!

Our Services:

  1. Puppy socializing
  2. Puppy obedience classes
  3. Teaching dog-commands
  4. Pet boarding service

Looking for the Certified Boarding-House?

Come to us. We keep, nurture, and produce lively, energetic, and healthy breeds. Using advanced methods. Continuous learning! Approaching the fastest and easiest ways to teach! Tackling the behavioural problems efficiently!  Perpetual practice in a secure setting! Personalized puppy training! Controlling all different types whether big or small, easy-going or aggressive, shy or social. Providing them personalized care.

Want the New Pup?

Join us. Our professional sellers offer quality pets. Select the top pick of your choice. Enjoy loyalty and unconditional love. We offer healthy fit tamed pets. Instilling all good traits in them! Join the company of genial pets, lower your stress level, and social isolation. Get the devoted affection by choosing one of our best picks. Remove your boredom, reduce your stress. Get the peace-of-mind!

What Kind of Pets Do you Want?

Get Maltese Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Border collie, Australian Kelpie, Rottweiler, Staffordshire bull terrier and MORE verities. Buy with TRUSTED sellers! Affordable pricing! Easy on your pocket. Budge oriented costs. Ensuring quality! Reliable and guaranteed, well groomed Dogs for sale. Offering 100% satisfaction! 24/7 customer support! Free consultation available! Contact us anytime.

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