Donation NSW

Death is inevitable but we cannot play God with animals which have lost their homes. They have the same right to live as we do. Sydney Dog Training Centre in this regard is running a self-financed shelter for surrendered animals. We keep them with us and helps them to find new families to bring back love in their life. We are constantly in need of support and are requesting to all animal lovers about donations regarding this noble cause.


In the heart of Sydney, we have devoted 30 years for delivering a complete non kill adoption system when pets are  surrender your donation will help rehabilitate them by training dogs that have behavioral problems your donations will help us hire specialist pet psychologist especially pets that have been abused and traumatised.  We even except pet food donations that will help us feed these beautiful animals till we find them a forever loving home. We are a small family business who loves pets and are working for their care as much as we can. We are motivated to bring these once abused animals to a loving home and also see how a pet can change the lives of a person as they say a animal will give you unconditional love.

As we are running free shelter services for surrendered and left alone animals, we are consistently in demand of your support. It could either be direct funds or materials to aid us in continual of this cycle.

All your donations will be utilized wisely and exclusively upon these sheltered animals. You can also assist by adopting these creatures to share our valued cause. For donations and support,you can  Call us to Donate at 0296062005. Just remember, your help can make these animals lives better .