Aggressive Dog Obedience Program

Next holidays needs to be from Sunday 28th November – Monday 31st January 2022.

Aggressive Dog Obedience Program is for dogs that need special training  to be able to control your dog that shows aggressive behavior towards  persons or other animals.  5 week on lead program. Some dogs may need longer time. This program allows your dog to be training in live situations like dogs and person scenarios.

  1. The first thing is that we need to do is an assessment on your pet dogs aggression this is for free, this assessment will determent if we would like to train your pet dog or if your dog is trainable with no stress on both the dog and the trainer.  Do not place a deposit until this free assessment is done, So please call us to book in your free assessment appointment on 96062005.
  2. Please note. Any dog that is placed into the Aggressive dog program and the dog shows that its stressed and puts any trainer under stress and We decided to pull the dog out from the program there will be a $650 fee before collecting your pet dog. This is a fee for the effort and attempt to modify and handling the dogs behavior with in the 4 days of dogs entry date to the SDTC.  If we can train your pet in this Aggressive dog program after the 4 days and you decide to pull your dog out of the program the full amount of the remaining cost of the training program will be due on collection so please think clearly when placing your pet in this or any program.
  3. If you choose to book your dog into this program and place a deposit before the you do the free assessment the nonrefundable deposit clause stands.


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