About Our Head Instructor NSW

Along with Our Head Instructor John, come on and have your dog trained the right way by us and get an amazing result. He Loves working with your pet dogs and they’ll definitely like working with him At Sydney Dog Training Centre. Under the umbrella of our service, John offers behavioral instructions for, Obedience, Behavior modification, getting over fear/anxiety, aggression & over-excitement in dogs. Moreover, advanced training like Socialization, Confidence Building, Family & Business Protection, Security Watch, Guard Work, Tv Tricks & Agility and Distraction training are also managed and introduced under his superior supervision.


John’s extraordinary dog training methods have made him a well-sought dog training coach for Television, Radio and Magazine photographs. John, besides his family, has incorporated his pet dogs on prominent TV programs including Channel Sevens’ All Saints, ABCs’ Double the Fist, Sony promotion group and sound recording for film. He also has deliberately assisted for the BLEEDING STEEL MOVIE in 2017 with martial arts star Jackie Chang in Sydney surrey hills.

He has additionally been a visitor speaker on the radio station 2GB and eminently seen on the Kyle and Jackie O show. His trained puppies’ photographs have been published in numerous well-known magazines including Harper’s Bazaar Magazines along with Matty Johns show.

John’s affection for dogs has taken him to a larger amount of empathy for canines. He’s also a winner of the best in Spring Fair show and best in Spring Fair all breeds show in 2007. He’s been known as the Best dog training mentor of the year over oceans. He adopts pet surrendering to protects them from death row. For the time when they are in, he retrains them and then re-home them. John addictively takes part in fund-raising for destitute dogs and indulges himself for rescuing their homes. John has also taken himself for occasions like million-mile paws walk each year.

About Our Head Instructor NSW
About Our Head Instructor NSW

More of John

John’s love and passion for dogs have taken him all over the world. While in these domains he has invested his utmost potential in learning about Special Dog Handling course at various levels of Dog Obedience Training, Dog Agility Training, Personal Protection Dogs Training, Schutzhund sports Dog Training, French ring sports Dog Training etc. He thoroughly works with your dog than with the owner of the dog and implies understanding and working as a team to get the best out of your pet’s capabilities and its behavior.

He has extensively trained and learned about dog sociology and psychology in countries such as Greece in the Greek Army, Germany and America and now Sydney Australia. For the prestigious 2007 European Dog handling and Agility dog training Award against 200 competitors 4-day comp, John stood first.

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