About Us NSW

We achieving amazing results with all breeds of dog to any level you desire.
We will teach your dog then we take the time to teach you and your family members on how to control and manage your pet behavior.
Our professional dog training specialists and staff will provide you with amazing results for even the most difficult and stubborn breeds.
There has never been a dog which we have not been able to make significant improvement upon.
For over 30 years we have been delivering top quality dog training programs which are tailored to suit your dogs temperament and level of your dogs intelligence.

About Sydney Dog Training Centre

We are highly recognised for the achievements we have made with general dog obedience for the family pet and alternatively training quality dogs which have moved into the dog security and movie fields both nationally and internationally.

We recognise and advocate proper dog training techniques using the Trust Technique along with following the Leeder adding treats with praise movement and clicker reward based. Then adding voice control and some correction to get the best results this will help unlawful behavior in your pet dog.

This method will build confidence in your pet dog. And help your dog  handle today’s society for your dog to comfortably co-exist and live in built up suburban areas as well as living in a multicultural society.

We also can teach your dog general commands in any language even sign language for deaf dogs to obey you.

Our professional dog training programs will help you and your dog achieve good communication skills with full control over your pet behavior.

We guarantee to get an amazing result each time you work with your pet dog at home or anywhere else.

Sydney Dog Training Centre is proud to be an association that welcomes all breeds of dogs for all dog training and boarding education .

We pride ourselves being the leading dog training and boarding Centre for all breeds and cat boarding and puppy school facility in Sydney region.

We specialized in Dog Obedience Training and military dog training guard dog training programs which makes us the best Dog training Centre in Sydney.

Our professional and expert dog training specialist and Staff members will provide you with the best care for your pets in  dog & cat boarding and dog training in Sydney area of Leppington .

We will offer you the best dog training, Dog BoardingCat BoardingPuppy school Parrot Boarding programs that will help you and your pets grow more effectively and achieve the best result for you pets.

Support we offer you.

We offer you a life time support for when you have place your pet dog in to one of our dog training programs. This will allow you to come back to us at anytime for any help with in relation to the program your dog was in .In case you have any problems handling or managing your dogs behavior after the dog training program.

We also offer your dog whilst in boarding with us  a free refresher dog training program in conjunction of the dog training program your dog completed with us on their previous stay.

Personal Service. We offer a Door to Door Pick up and Drop off pet taxi service from your home to Sydney Dog Training Centre or to any were you like.

Please call for more information

Opening Times.We are open from 9am Till 5 pm Monday Till Saturday and on Sunday 9am Till 3 pm all entries and visits are by appointments only please Contact US